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2018/05/27 about
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The VRAC Victims’ Rights Action Committee is organized as a result of the recent incident at the Lucky Moose Food Mart where the owner, Mr. David Chen, was charged and detained for over 24 hour in Police custody and jailed after he chased down a suspected shoplifter who attempted to hold the suspect while waiting for the police to arrive and make their arrest. The resulting charges against Mr. Chen and his employees are serious, heavy handed and totally inappropriate. Any citizen would consider “assault”. “forcible confinement”, “kidnapping" and “possession of concealed weapon" to be offences that should be reserved for hard core dangerous criminals. The objectives of our Victims’ Rights Action Committee are: 1/ Present the facts on the Lucky Moose Food Mart incident, 2/ Gather public support for Mr. David Chen and his staff through on line petition, 3/ Defend citizens’ right to safeguard ones’ personal properties, 4/ Clarify what is citizens’ arrest, 5/ Request the federal Minister of Justice to review section 494 under Canadian Criminal Code, and make all necessary amendments to it in order to vigorously protect Canadians’ rights to defend our personal properties, 6/ Urge the Crown Prosecutor to review the incident and drop all charges against Mr. Chen and his employees. VRAC - Victims' Rights Action Committee VRAC is set out to support those individuals who had been treated unfairly, needed advice, and support. VICTIM RIGHT, VICTIM RIGHTS AND VICTIMS RIGHTS are all essential and must be protected by the Government of all levels. A Member of VICommunity - Virtual Integrated Community, Powered by QCTI - QC Technologies Inc.